In 2014 we founded The Construction Skills Academy. We now train and develop young people, offering Traineeships and Apprenticeships.  We are able to deliver much of our clients’ key 106 Planning Deliverables as part of our contracts. We enjoy partnerships with the Dept for Work and Pensions, Dept for Business Innovation and Skills, North Herts College, Siniat and HILTI.

Grays Apprentices are supported on main contractor sites by a Mentor and are constantly assessed as part of the two year programme. All Apprentices are retained after the local construction project is completed. Our training focus is on producing and training professional technicians, trained under site conditions and capable of delivering value, attention to detail, workmanship and results on site. Grays and The Academy supports its Trainees and Apprentices with a Welfare at Work Programme and spend time developing team work and communication as well as core skills.

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Grays trains and develops young people and therefore is able to deliver much of its clients’ 106 Planning Deliverables as part of its contract. It has partnerships with the Dept for Work and Pensions, North Herts College Skills Dept, Siniat and HILTI as part of this commitment to training.

The Grays Group founded The Construction Skills Academy and placed training at the centre of its company strategy. It employs Trainees and Apprentices and offers NVQs through its partnership with North Herts College.

The Construction Skills Academy is a professional commercial construction industry training facility that provides young people with Traineeships, Apprenticeships, Free Training and a Career in Construction. The Academy was created with a £250,000 investment by Grays Dry Lining.

The Academy delivers key skills in professional Dry Lining. Those that complete the Traineeship then go on to have an interview for a full Apprenticeship. It is a new model for training and recruitment during a time of significant skills shortages in the construction industry. The Academy works with Colleges, including North Herts College, to deliver a learning framework through Traineeships and Apprenticeships.

Through a working partnership with The Department for Work and Pensions, The Academy is able to identify and speak with young people looking to step up to new life opportunities. The Construction Skills Academy trained and gave employment opportunities to nearly 50 young people in just five months. Grays’ main contractors, in partnership with the DWP and JCPs are supported by a network of relationships and partnerships with Skills Managers in Borough Councils across London. It also has an active social media policy. The Construction Skills Academy has a partnership with North Herts College, an entrepreneurial regional FE with 15,000 students and a dedicated construction skills site on campus. NHC is now delivering framework and funding through the Skills Funding Agency for a formally recognised NVQ as part of the Apprenticeship delivered by Grays.

The Construction Skills Academy has developed a series of Partnerships alongside The Dept for Work and Pensions and NHC. HILTI, Siniat and GO Interiors provide materials, tools, logistical support and knowledge sharing with The Academy. The Academy’s Interns are provided with PPE, tools and equipment for a mix of practical and some class based learning. HILTI and Siniat participate in the training, helping our Interns understand not only how to do the job, but to also have an understanding of their key tools and materials.

Apprentice"Grays Apprentices are supported on main contractor sites by a Mentor and are constantly assessed as part of the two year programme. All Apprentices are retained after the local construction project is completed."